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Wednesday, June 24

Candice Breitz: Too Long, Didn't Read

For over two decades, Candice Breitz (born Johannesburg, South Africa 1972) has joined video, portraiture, and popular culture to question the stories we...

Spencer Finch: Moon Dust

Spencer Finch’s impressive light installation Moon Dust (Apollo 17), first presented at the 2009 Venice Biennale, will illuminate the BMA’s majestic Fox...

Columbia Film Festival Web Series Collection

Over 60 Films, Live Events, Workshops, Filmmaker Q&A's amd More. Today's menu: Multiple New Season episodes from two (2) top Web Series. FREE Screenplay...

Zackary Drucker. Photo by Danielle Levitt

BMA Facebook Live BMA Violet Hour is a new series of online programs designed to give visitors an opportunity to relax and connect with artists, makers,...

Virtual Event

Wednesday, June 24